Why Big Bazaar sell items at Low Prices? | Scam, Fraud??? All you know about it

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Have you ever thought why Big bazar and E-commerce Platforms sell items at low prices are they doing any type of scam or fraud then read up to last to know this 

My Introduction

Hello friends(dosto), my name is Aditya and  Today we'll talk about Loss leadership. I really like this concept And do tell me in the comments if you like this Article. 

Latest News : Reliance did shopping (Buy) of Future Group Retail at 24,713 Crores

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Reliance Owner Mota Bhai , Mukesh Ambani did another shopping of Future Group Retail at 24,713 crore. They bought Future Group Retail , wholesale , Logistics and Warehouse division  in his shopping which means Big Bazar Baba is under Reliance so let's come to our topic.

 Is there any price teller Baba for Future Prediction of Price with Big Bazar????

See there comes a time in a year when rates of onion are low 100-80-120Rs/kg. But big bazaar sell it at 20Rs/kg. 15rs/kg, what is this? Do they store all the onions? Or they've some Baba  who tells about future rates of onion. Is it possible ? There's nothing like this. We can not analyse the rates of onions. Rates goes up immediately and big bazaar declines rate of onions with this news. What is the motive behind this strategy? 

Loss Leadership Strategy of Big Bazaar Baba

Whenever you go to a store Big stores Like big bazaar baba, walmart guru types. What do they do? they sell you products in loss. Suppose one product is of 100rs They'll sell it at 90rs to you. That time when rates are 100rs/kg They may take in bulk and it'll cost them around 60 or 50rs/kg But they are selling at 20rs.

Their Armaan (desires) with us and motive Behind this

Because they know if you come to buy onion then they put some conditions to it that you can buy only 2 kg. So to buy 2kg onion You won't travel specially for that only? SO along with 2 kg onion, you may buy some more things They'll get their profit Side by side in order to build their leadership so They put themselves in loss. 

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Explanation of their Armaan(Desires) with us

Let's try to undersand this When onion was 80rs , big bazaar sold it at 20rs. So Public will visit them next time too. When i go to buy a bottle of pepsi worth 80rs. They are selling it at 70rs. and no one is giving this much discount. and you get this feeling (Bhawna)  that Big Bazaar Baba is good with big discount. Here game begins. They give discounts side by side , they're trying to win your heart. and they bear the loss. Now you are their regular customer. Amazon , paytm All are selling in loss. 

Why they Put Limitations at Prices or Price Teller Baba Do this ???

But they do put limitations on it. Why is it? If they are selling at lower price, then i may buy 1 lakh piece ( Hamare Jaise Logo (Human) Ka koi Bharosa nhi). Because they know they are selling in loss. Today this person will take a product worth 100rs. Next time he'll buy from me. 

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Why Fraud  Happens (Jii Haan Main Hun Khalnayak) ????

That's why frauds happens I know some people who do it. They sell books on amazon and they sell it to amazon at 100rs. But amazon sometimes sell it at 50rs. What do they do? they buy their own books. and they get a profit of 50rs. and resell it again. They have multiple ids. Big game it is. And we don't even know about these frauds.   Now some people get offended when i talk about frauds. But this is the truth. Let's get back to the point. 

Reason why E-commerce Websites are in Loss (Khulasa)

Point is there are many companies who are selling in loss In order to win hearts of their customer. This is the reason most ecommerce websites are in loss.   Now how will you integrate this in your business. Think about it.    Or if you sell 10 products and they are related to each other. Then do not hesitate to bear loss of one product. This will build a connection Just like they do they sell many products in no loss and profit. They don't save none. WHy? Because we know they need to enter this company. 

Advantages of this Strategy and End Of Article

Today if they are buying one from me, then tomorrow maybe more than 1. There are many advantage where we can earn profit. Now the person is connected. Profit is there. It's a nice  strategy Okay friends(dosto), Article ends here.I hope you liked this article If any doubts , do ask me in the comments.

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