Poojara telecom case study

Poojara Telecom

How Yogesh poojara , a simple transmission assistant of BSNL become renowned person in Gujrat and how he opened in 100 stores in Gujrat.

Expansion of His Stores :

  • 1994 : 1st Store
  • 2011 : 2nd Store
  • 2018: 50 Store
  • At End Of 2018 : 100 Stores

  • Are wah (Oh Wondering)  scheme : Low Cost Marketing Ideas
  • G H T C  ( Genuine Honest Transparent Commitment )
  • Technology Is Entry Barrier
  • Right Man Power Will Make You Super Power
  • Mobile SEA Of One Stop Solution

First Strategy : Are Wah Scheme : Low Cost Marketing Ideas

He invented such schemes that non consumer  become his consumer of products.

Are Wah Scheme For women
Poojara Telecom

In every festival , he started Mehndi campaign in front of his store and provide free Mehndi service to woman as a result of which a large no. of females gathered in front of his shop and due to this , they started visit his store. In this Way , he placed the information of his store in Minds of women so that if any family members and loving ones talk about where to buy phone , the first thing staggered is poojara telecom

Poojara Telecom

Another way they gather attention of women is providing selfie stick at Rs.19  and they don't need to buy anything for this. This way their Store become "Talk Of Town".

As they become "Talk Of Town" , Slowly customer become permanent and come in huge numbers.

Are Wah Scheme For Men's

Poojara Telecom

He placed a weighing machine in his store and said that your total body weight is your total discount. People glad to think that we get the profit of being fat and it drives a lot of customer to their Store.

Poojara Telecom

Sometimes they give 2 liter petrol free as Discount . He invented such schemes every time that the non consumer become permanent consumer of products and this way they start Growing.

His Game changer Scheme

Poojara Telecom

He give 90 days box replacement means they assure customer that if you buy any phone from our shop and it was broken , damaged and stop working Within 90 days , they will give you a new phone. This way they won hearts of their Customers.

They followed the Golden Statement :

"Happy Customers Will Bring More Customers"

Second Strategy : G H T C  ( Genuine Honest Transparent Commitment )

These are the core values of Poojara. By this way , they ensure to their team and costumer that they will sold only Original , genuine and top quality products. They don't sold any duplicate products and for them customer  is their utmost priority.

Third Strategy : Technology Is Entry Barrier

They made their own :
  • InHouse Software Development
  • InHouse Mobile Application
  • ERP
  • CRM
  • Live Customer Trac/king

Exchange Software

They have Developed their own exchange software. If you want to exchange your mobile , they simply put mobile EMI number in Software and note all the accessories like charger, Earphone etc and take valid Bill and analyse that if their is scratch or not and after that software give you the valid price of mobile and you will get new mobile equivalent to price.

Mobile Promoter Ultra Software

Poojara Telecom

By this software , if any outlet of their shop has newly appointed Executive and junior executive which don't know completely about all products of shop , he simply has to ask about the customer which phone they want and worker can tell and see the details of all products by their software in computer and even they can compare which product is Best.

As they have software driven service , any junior executive can sold good amount of  products .

Fourth Strategy : Right Man Power Will Make You Super Power

Poojara Telecom

They have made their own InHouse Training Department to make their HR department strong. They give 14 days Training. First day , they interact and on second day , they teach about company ethics and on 3rd day , about products training and on next day , about Mobile technology training and so on . On 14th day, they meet with director and feedback and training of their services was given and afterwards they were appointed.

  • They also give marriage expense of female employees
  • Gives medical Facility
  • Gives Monthly ration to low level Employees

Fifth Strategy : Mobile SEA Of One Stop Solution

  • S : Service
  • E : Exchange
  • A : Accessory

They have developed their own service center. If a customer mobile stop working and have some technical errors , he can directly submit their phone to poojara mobile and poojara will repair it .

They also create their own helpline and boardline number for any query. So by this way they create good customer experience and as a result his customers are very loyal. By this they can now upsell and cross sell

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