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This Article is about Lijjat Papad Story and Buisness Model how they made their Papad Standardised without Machines

Meaning Of Lijjat

Lijjat is a Gujarati word whose Meaning is Tasty. It was given by Gujrati Astrologer

Objectives of Lijjat

The objective of Institutions is to Provide
employment to ladies to enable them to earn decent and dignified Income

Vision of Lijjat

The Vision of Organisation is to make women to become self reliant and self confident

Lijjat Papad Story

Concept Of Earnings By Making Papads

So the story starts in Bombay summer in 1959 when 7 Gujarati women (0talk at roof of their house. They wanted to reduce finance burden of their husband but they don't get job as they are semi illiterate so they decided to do it with by their cooking skill which is by making papads which is pride of Gujarati Food. For this they lend 80 rupee loan from chaganlal karishmi parekh , a social worker. 

Starting of Buisness Of Making Papad

On 15 March 1959, all 7 women gather at roof of their house and made 1 kg packets of Papad and earn a profit of 50 paise at first day and then  2 kg of Papad earn a profit of 1 rupee at second day.

This was a very huge success by women at that time and the news spread everywhere like a fire and they become popular and many women started to join it which is known as Lijjat Sisters.

Earlier they made two varieties of Papad :

  • High quality Papad for Solding them at high prices
  • Low quality Papad for Solding them at Low price

Concept of Making Standardized Papad

But Chaganlal Parekh on seeing their determination toward their work they told him to make a standard quality of Papad which taste everywhere is same and advise him to say that they have to told their customer that they never compromise their price and to start this as a Buisness. After doing this , they become very popular due to their taste and quality and started growing

Lijjat Papad as cooperative Buisness Model

In their Buisness , Everyone is Owner and everybody is responsible for profit and loss of Buisness.  If Buisness gets profit, then everyone get Profit and if gets loss, everyone gets loss.

Who can join it

Only women above 18 years can join it. Any religion and caste of women above 18 yes can join it.

How they made their Papad standard without any Machine???

The Branch Head of Lijjat Company
Provides a aluminium rolling  board for making Papad. This board is so much Standardised that it give a Definite shape , thickness size and Weight.

They also give them training how to use this and what precautions they have to take before rolling Papad such as :

  • They have to clean the Aluminium Board before rolling
  • The hands of Lijjat Sisters will be clean
  • The nails Of Lijjat sister should be small

How they works :

Pick and Drop Facility

The Lijjat Company sent a bus to carry all Lijjat Sisters from their home in morning.

The Lijjat Sisters  pick up bus and bus take them to Lijjat Company so that they can collect their wages and dough for making Papad . After this , the bus then drop them safely into home.

Dough Kneading Centre

The dough for making Papad is kneaded or done at Branch of Lijjat and the women who come from bus collect it and take it into their home.

Papad Rolling At Home

After the bus drop sisters into their home, the women start making Papad from dough in Afternoon or Evening and then submit it to branch of Company next Day
Windows For Submitting , Payment and Recurve Doughs

Deposit Window

In this window, the Sisters submit all their  Papad and here, the quality and quantity of Papad is tested and after that they are given a reciept.

Payment Window

In this Window, the women are alloted their wages according to receipt received from Deposited Window. An average Women receives 650 Rs from Window

Collection Window

In this window , the women collect Dough from centre for making Papad at home.

Some Lijjat Products :

  • Sasa Soap
  • Sasa Detergent Powder
  • Lijjat Masala
  • Lijjat Chapati
  • Lijjat vada

Organisational Belief  and Focus

This Company belongs to me and I belong to this Company.

Their Focus is not to build Machine but on  Manpower

Their Focus is not on Capital Growth but on Women Community Growth

Their Focus is not to achieve Profit but on Women Empowerment Buisness Model

How they made their Women controversy Free in Buisness

They adopted a policy :

0% Gossip and 100% Transparency

It means that Murmering  is not allowed tell anything loudly which comes in your Mind as this is our Company. In this way , they Prevent Politics in Buisness and design a common vision and purpose in Minds of Women.

Quality Control Team

The Branch head of Lijjat Company sent a Quality control team to houses of Lijjat Sisters for quality assurance of Papad to check how they do their work and hygiene they follow. They check the nail, hands and rolling board is clean or not.

21 Member Committee

They have made a computer of 21 Members which overlook their Buisness. This Committee took all the decisions of Buisness as it is of 21 Members so the Decision are free of fraud and Personal Benefits.

Appointment Of Treasurer , Vice President and President

Among this 21 Members Committee , Treasurer , president and Vice President is Selected on the basis of their experience , decisions and contribution by vote and some women are appointed to 21 Members Committee in empty Space of Women who become Vice President , Treasurer and President.

Review Meeting

These 21 Members Committee review all products of Lijjat in following Ways :

Weekly :

Department Wise and Branch Wise


Division Wise and Product Wise

So 21 Members Committee is an Integral Part of Lijjat Company.

Why they are Special ???

They don't take Donation for their work but gave Donation during crisis , relief funds and during Earthquake.

They give equal ownership irrespective of position . They made a women which is limited to their house a owner. Their objectives is Women Empowerment by Providing Employment Opportunity to Women.

Branches and Headquarters

At present , there are 82 branches in 17 States and the headquarters are in Mumbai. Their Turnover is 1600+ Crore.

According to Latest Update of 2019, 45,000 Workers are in Lijjat.

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