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How Dubai , a barren desert country become so rich on 20 years ? How it become Global Destination , Global Hub and 3rd most travelled city in world ? How it become so powerful ? We will decide everything so plz read this article to last.

First of all , I want to clear you about the fact that Dubai's Crude Oil Buisness contributes only 1% GDP Of Dubai and 99 % from others

It all started with sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid all Makhtoum , the current ruler of Dubai, Prime Minister and Vice President of Dubai. He transformed Oil based economy of Dubai to Financial Hub and Tourism based Company.

How he made Dubai Super Rich ??

Sheikh is very visionary . He wanted to make Dubai super rich. He saw that Eastern range of Dubai has V - Shaped Valley which means at some hundred years before, there was flow of water in land as flow of  water can cut the land to make valleys so he met world best consultant and said him about this and then started digging in land and they found water and established water extract management to make structural building to make their economy rich.

They continue to make  innovative building Structure to attract people from all over county for holidays and opening companies as it is tax free and same happened. Here white money and black money is Same . They earn huge amount from tourism and company registring. As there is company so there is labour and people to live Dubai and houses are expensive this way they also earn money. This way they built their economy System

Amazing Facts About Dubai

  • Only 10% Local residents comprises Dubai
  • 65% people is from India, Bangladesh , Pakistan , Nepal and Phillipines
  • 200 Nationalities Lives in Dubai
  • 1/4 th JCB Cranes is in Dubai

Disease of Dubai Ruler : The OnlyReason How He Made Dubai So Rich

  • Allergy to Average

Allergy to Average

He said that Dubai never settles for anything before first place . It basically tells us that :

Dubai has anything that will be best
Dubai has anything that will be the only one

Proof of that Philosophy

  • The Dubai Mall : World's Biggest Mall

  • Burj Khalifa : World's Largest Tower

  • Burj Al Arab : The only Seven Star Hotel In World

  • Palm Jumeirah : A Man Made Beautiful Island

  • Dubai Miracle Garden : World's Biggest Flower Garden

  • JW Marriott :  World's Highest Five Star Hotel

  • The Gold Souk : World's Biggest Gold Market

Future innovative  Initiative Taken By Highness

  • 3D Building Construction
  • Hyperloop Train
  • Passenger Drone
  • Temperature Controlled City

3D Building Construction

He announced that by 2030, 25% building is built or based on 3d Printing.

What is 3D Building Construction ?

3D Building construction Printing implies to various technology that use 3D printing as a core and vital method to create buildings or construction components. 

Achievement : Dubai already made 40 Floor 3d Printed Building.

Dubai Road And Transport Authority

They announced that they will launch Passenger Drone

What is Passenger Drone ?

Passenger Drone is a type of taxi in which drone carries a person weigh Upto 100 kg to its desired  departure location with speed of 150 km/hour.  It is driverless and automatic.

Hyperloop Train

This will be launched in 2020

They  proposed Hyperloop  between  Dubai and Abu Dhabi  along the Arabian coast at speeds of up to 1,200km/hour, which cuts a 140km journey from 1hr 20mins to just 12 mins. It will run in Vaccum tube like Structure and it's capacity is 10,000.

Dubai to Built Temperature Controlled City

They plan to make a mall bigger than Dubai Mall which is 3 times bigger than Monaco and it has hotel , residential places, restaurant , amusement park which will be world's largest theme park and whole mall is air conditioned.

His Highness Belief :

Ordinary people save money to party but Extra ordinary people save money to build Great Empires

Some Innovative Measure taken In Dubai

  • 10X Project
  • Dubai Water Canal
  • Driverless Car
  • Police without Policing
10x Project

He launched 10x project in Dubai in February  2017 and then launched 10x 2.0 in 2018 Summit. The main aim of this project are :

  • To train Government of Dubai 10 times Faster
  • To train Government of Dubai 10 times efficient
  • To train Government of Dubai 10 times Bigger
  • It also sets the Government of Dubai 10 years ahead of all other cities

Dubai Water canal

He also launched Dubai water canal project
Dubai Canal is an artificial water canal announced on 2 October 2013 and inaugurated on 9 November 2016.It creates new public places and facilities and services with a total area of 80,000 square meters with aim to make floating restaurant in canal and 200 houses and private marinas for boat.

Driverless Car

His commitment is that till 2025, 25%Of cars will be driverless. They made car for 30 passengers which will be operated by mobile phone. The passenger simply have to set the location and driverless car will take them and drop them to their desired location.

Policing Without Police

To make Dubai corruption free , he made smart police service in Dubai which means that if you go to police station you will not find police man in it but a fully automatic police machine in which you complaint a file against others, investigate about criminal records , inform about accident and also register about lost and found


So there is very less policeman in Dubai. As there is less policeman so less is corruption.
Note : Dubai Police is the richest police in the world

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