The Success Story Of APL Appolo Tubes  : 8 Learning Success Strategy You Should Know

Apl Appolo Tubes


Hii Friends , My name is Bkc Biographer and Today we will talk about APL Apollo Success Story Whose Latest  Turnover Is 5,472 Crores

8 Buisness Lesson That We Learn From This Case Study :

  • Courage | Conviction | Confidence
  • Innovation 80/20 Rule
  • Market Creation Strategy
  • Consumer Advantage
  • Buisness Process Re - Engineering
  • Customized Fit Vs Forced Fit
  • Distribution Is Real Promotion Promotion Is Not Promotion
  • Low Cost Acquisition's


This APL Apollo was started as store(Earlier Known As Bihar Tubes) by Late Sudesh Kumar Gupta, The Father of Sanjay Gupta and present chairman Of APL APOLLO In Bihar But The Store Was Complete Flop And In Loss So Today's Success Of APL Is Due To Sanjay Kumar Gupta And His Innovative Strategy.

First Strategy : Courage | Conviction | Confidence

If this is in you then you can do anything.

All great things start from this.
He went to Faridabad steel distributors and said him that I am taking 500 tons steel but I have the capacity of 5000 tons but the real fact is that he didn't have no money.  I can lend you from this by only one condition that you had to give me that in low price and I will give you the whole money later as it doesn't matter if I give you the Money at this time or later. This Cooked Story succeeds and he then sold all 5000 tons of steel and this is Starting journey of APL APOLLO.


He converted 50 crore company to 10000 crore

His Buisness stared growing and they will start to make 3 lakhs/ton production per year but his vision was so large as he wanted his Buisness in International Exposure.
He started to travel all the world and went to  Germany to  saw the plant  and how they are doing their manufacturing and by which way they are working.
He saw there that there are some organisation who make 2 million/ton production (20 lakhs/ton production).

He thought that if he can do then I also can do.

This Is His Courage, Conviction and Confidence
He then called All his Distributors of India in a ship to travel from Malaysia to Singapore. He Knew that all his products had been sold by  distributors. He took all his Distributors in conference room at Evening in ship and made announcement that today I will Give 1 No. Made of Silverand told him that we will go from 3 lakh to 10 lakhs ton production per year in upcoming days and His :

  • Market share will be First Number
  • Distribution will be  First Number
  • Brand Trust will be First Number

In this Way, he placed the Concept Of 1 million distribution in his Distributors.

Second Strategy : Innovation 80/20 Rule

He said that if we have 10 products then we have to make 2 products Very Innovative and Extraordinary such that due to these two, costumer will visit my market regularly and buy all the 8 remaining products due to these two.

Example Of His Innovation :

Banana shaped Pipes

In starting the pipes were banana shaped and are curved which cause difficulty in boring system and other things. He went to Japan and bought a Japanese rolling machine and by which they make their pipe straight with top quality Finishing.

Straight Pipes

Impact of 80/20 Rule  :

Impact of 80/20 Rule

Market Creation Strategy

Earlier the Steel pipe is used for water flow purposes. He knew that this market is very small and is not efficient so he created his own market

Different shapes of pipes

He created Square pipe, Rectangle pipe and Triangle pipe. By this Steel pipe Is Used For Various Purposes like :

Purposes Where Pipes Used

He shifted their market to Structural Support From Water Flow.

Fourth Strategy : Consumer Advantage

Wooden Door Frame Vs Steel Door Frame

Earlier Wooden door frame is used in every house so he thought that if I made Steel door frame then it will be Long Life,More Powerful and 1/3 rd cost and it's resale value is increased every year.
By this way, He transformed Structural product to Consumer Product.

Shiftment Of Structural Product To Consumer Product

Example Of Structural Product To Consumer Product

Example Of Consumer Product Used

Fifth Strategy : Buisness Process Re - Engineering

Steps In Steel Pipes Manufacturing

He thought that if they reduced some steps in steel manufacturing then his cost is reduced and they can available their products in market in less price to make their brand at top and Unique.

How they reduce their step ?

Zinc Spray At Assembly Line

To coat zinc on steel , it takes one whole step so he added zinc spray at assembly line so this way his step reduced and by this way they save :
  • Time
  • Money
  • Speed Increased

Customized Fit Vs Forced Fit

Advantage Of Customized Fit

He thought that if a customer want 99 inch of pipes then why Wii I give him 100 inches as  this will result in customer's extra labour, extra cost cutting and  extra time
So He brought Direct Forming Technology and provide the exact size to customer according to its needs.

In this way, he won hearts of customer and gain his confidence

Distribution Is Real Promotion Promotion Is not Promotion

He said that if you want promotion then don't waste money in advertisement first make your distribution network strong then advertise so that if a customer of any place  want APL products of my company it must be available to it  otherwise the profit goes to your competitors. He  spread their distribution in whole India

He made warehouse in small city and towns and supply their products in warehouse and then supply it to micro distributors of small city

In this way , he spread in whole India and made 650 distributors in India and 40,000 retailers and  after it they started advertising and earn a lot of money.

They made Amitabh Bachaan as Brand Ambassador and started to sponsor IPL teams . At present , they are principal Sponsor Of Delhi Daredevils. They also do a lot of TV Ads

Low Cost Acquisition

Acquisition Of APL APOLLO Tubes

He said that I don't waste money in setting up new Plant instead I acquired a weak and dead steel plant and there I setup my new plant and earn it

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