Raveendran Success Story and Biography : A Modern Example of Inspiration from
Employee to Billionaire

My Introduction

Hello friends, this is your friend,Bkc Biographer.Did Shahrukh Khan take admission in the school? Maybe not So, then what he is promoting on TV these days? And because of promotion by ShahRukh Khan and the power of media The download of that mobile app went from 9,000 per day to 50,000 per day.Which is this company of India?

About App

That is one of the top five internet valued company of India. That is India's number one education company that has more than 2500 employees. it has, nearly, 50% female employees.

Byju As A Pride In India's Educational Sector

I'm talking about India's new pride, educational sector's company
Byju whose valuation on September 29th was 2 Billion Dollar and per month revenue is nearly 100 crore.

Background Of Byju Raveendran

Byju Raveendran was born in Connor.His parents were teachers. He finished his education there and was deeply in love with Maths. You can also say that Maths was his girlfriend and after that, Byju Raveendran became an engineer.He worked in Pan Ocean Shipping Company in UK as an engineer. In this case study, there are some interesting incidents which you should know.

Ravendran To Score 100 Percentile In CAT

While, he was working in UK. He was approached by some of his friends as they wanted to do CAT. He started teaching them.CAT means common admission test. He started teaching his friends. He came back to India and gave CAT And the fun part is that though his friends did very well in their exams Byju Raveendran scored 100 percent And after that Byju Raveendran keep getting calls from IIMs So, Byju Raveendran should have accepted the offer Yes. According to the common understanding. But, he was different.

Raveendran To Again Score 100 Percentile In CAT

He went back as he didn't wanted to study. After few years, he again came back to India and give CAT and the fun part, second time also he scored 100 percent. After scoring 100 marks twice, his pride and prestige spread everywhere.He was getting offers from everywhere for teaching or giving speeches and the fun part after his couple of seminars, the 1200 seated auditorium were becoming houseful And Byju Raveendran became a hit since auditorium were going houseful, his condition was like If Saturday morning, he is in Bangalore then by evening he is Chennai He is in Hyderabad or Delhi in Sunday morning and this followed and slowly, the success stories were building up. His students were being selected for IIMs, IITs & other places.

Concept Of Byju

Some of his students decided to join him instead till 2009, five of his brilliant students joined him and Byju Raveendran saw that India has some big shortcomings the primary and middle level at school Children don't have the access to quality education and uniformity learning.

Launching Of Byju's

In 2011, he along with his friends officially launched Bjyu. How much has spent between 2011 and 2019? Nearly 7-8 years, when now the company's worth is 2 Billion Dollar even you're doing business for almost 20 years Right in front of the eyes if a person worth crores in 7-8 years Then we should learn from that person because, now, the length of time is not important for success.Right efforts, directions,positioning, strategies are important So come on, let be introduce you to some of the reasons behind Byju's success.

First Reason For Success : Strong Marketing

Strong Marketing Bjyu did a very strategic marketing a lot of companies advised him that since his product is for children but the payments are made by parents So, focus your Ads on parents. Bjyu said that everyone makes this mistake. Bjyu focused his complete marketing campaign on children.He focused on quality. He focused on content and brought in the ShahRukh Khan's stardom. It means if your product has the potential then, the presence of right marketing strategies is compulsory.

Second Reason For Success : Opportunity In Problem

 You find the problem which concerns to a large population and give its solution.Bjyu saw a problem that every child in India Has to go to a school but the fun part is that school lacks in having quality teachers there is lack of consistency teaching neither the teachers are samenor the consistency of teaching and despite the syllabus being same all over India the results vary from school to school and children to children. 

Byju To Assemble Quality Teachers

Bjyu started assembling all the quality teachers at one place.For this,he invited a huge cost. One expert in just one day can give 30 seconds of output and to make a product for a single grade the cost is nearly 3 million. Byju never compromised in quality.He saw a problem first- lack of quality teachers.

Third Reason For Success : Consistency Of Quality Teaching

He solved both these problems with uniformity by developing an app and  Bjyu knew that the schools are already there.There are tuitions, schools have extra classes. Then why would anybody use his app but he also knew that the timing of tuitions and schools are fixed The schools are not conducted everyday. The holidays are fixed.The coachings are not available when you want.He thought that if access is given for anytime. Your children can learn anytime.He said, the way adults need flexibility of time if we give the same flexibility of time and anytime access to children. Then their parents will happily accept it because they can study on train journey, on flight journeys they can study at home and anywhere they give anytime access 

Fourth Reason For Success : Smarthphone Disease Of Childen As An Solution 

He knew that today's children after school, spends their most time in front of TV and with smart phones the parents are sick of Smartphone disease.But they can't do anything about it because their children are addicted to it.Bjyu thought to add a positive side to this disease. He put everything in the app that can be happily accessed from Smartphone.  Because of this reason, the children studying from Byju is taking uninterrupted lessons for an average of 50 minutes in a day the figures are wonderful. they are studying for more than 50 minutes in a day This shows, that app is as effective as school's education.

Fifth Reason For Success : Byju As Amazing And Interesting Learning App

He set an idea called knowledge graph.Under which he established personalized learning The way they want to study.Through videos, graphs or texts By any way they want to study For this they created a triangle-Content, Media and Technology. He blended content, media and technology in his app in such a way that a kid studying from the app thinks that he is getting only the things he want Because of this amazing innovative technology Byju's app is so much popular with children. And even after spending over an hour on this app they don't feel bored.

Sixth Reason For Success : Be Limitless

Byju Raveendran thought If I'll address only one group then my business would stay limited to that and this would be the same with another target group.He noticed the curriculumin India's education.He saw that there are 3 main curriculum in India.Byju showcasing excellent business intelligence. He designed content for all the three curriculum.He had a clear vision of completely capturing the market.

Byju Raveendran Behaviour To His Employees

 Byju Raveendran praises his employees a lot. He believes in the culture of appreciation. He believes that you cannot achieve anything by criticizing Our employees will reach next level through appreciation and praises. And that's the reason that people working with him are happy That's why all the experienced teachers join him without any ego clashes That's why the rate of attrition is very low And that's the reason why Byju Raveendran is slowly reaching to the top.

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