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Friends, The real name and full name of Bill Gates is William Henry Gates.He was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. His father's name is William H. Gates, who was a famous lawyer and his mother's name is Mary Maxwell Gates,who was the member of the board of directors of the first Interstate Bank System and United Way.Bill Gates have two sisters. His elder sister's name is Kristi and younger sister's name is Libby.

Bill Gate's Interest In Computer Science

Bill Gate's parents wanted to make them a lawyer, but from childhood, He is interested in Computer Science and Programming Language.His early education was at Lakeside School. In this school a Seattle Computer Company, gave computers, for their free time, to learn computers, and to know it. Soon, Bill Gates started to grow interest in the Computer and The more time, he spent in computer and he always anxious to know that this software code After all how it works and only.

Bill Gates First Computer Program

At the age of thirteen he developed his first computer program whose name is Tic-Tac-Toe.It, was used to play the game with computer. That was the school where Bill Gates met Paul Allen who was senior to two years.Because of their computer's holdings, and ideas, they both became good friends.

Bill And Allen Contrast Nature

In his other points, his thoughts were not found at all. Paul Allen  was very shy , and of calm nature. While Bill Gates, quite apart from their nature. Both of them spent most of their time in programming ,It was irregularly debating between them,who is right, and who is able to run their School Computer Lab.

Bill And Allen's Job To Remove Errors From Program

Bill Gates and Allen were stopped by the company's facility at their school in Computer. Because both of them spent their time in Lab, except for the time they were teaching their computers, And used to rubbish with the Company's Softwares. After their stopping this, both of them got permission to come back to the lab on this condition, that they removed the error from PROGRAM.

Bill Gates Another Software Program

This Meanwhile  Bill Gates, developed another software program, which worked in the Time Schedule of the school. Once he had told his teacher, that he would become millionaires by 30 years of age, and just at the age of 31, he became a billionaire.

Bill And Allen's Traf-O-Data

In the 1970s, at the age of 15, Bill Gates went on business with his best friend Paul Allen. They developed a program, called "Traf-O-Data", which tracked Traffic Pattern of Seattle City and tried to improve it. And they got $ 20,000 of this effort, which was their first earnings. In 1973, he passed from Lakeside School.And now Bill Gates and Allen wanted to open a company of themselves.

Bill Gates parents Vision Of Lawyer

But their parents, wanted Bill Gates become a lawyer before completing his college studies. After that for college admission in the United States, he had to give a test in which he obtained 1600/1590.

Bill And Allen's Seperation

After that he got admission in Harvard College. On the other hand, Paul Allen, went to another University of Washington to study. From where he left College after two years, and moved to Boston, where he worked in a company, named Honeywell.

Bill And Allen's Reunion In Honeywell Company

In the summer of 1974, Bill Gates also joined Honeywell Company, along with Allen. During this time, Allen showed Bill Gates, a part of a very famous Electronic Magazine, which was based on Article of Altair 8800 Mini Computer KIT. then a small company, built Altair which is in New Maxico, also known as MITS. then Gates and Allen contacted that company, and told that they are working on a Basic Software program, which will run Altair Computer. But in reality, they did not have any Altair on which they could run the code.

Bill And Allen Job In MITS

Then MITS and its President asked both of them to perform the codes made by them.Then Gates and Allen requested to the MITS President, to allow him to write software for two months, to go to Harvard Lab.After that Allen went on to test that software in MITS.

Bill Gates Quit to University

This software, until then, did not have USE in any ALTAIR computer. And that software started working right. After this, MITS Comapany, hire to Alan to work in Comapany, and to work with them, Bill Gates also left his Harvard University studies.

Bill Gates And Allen Micro Software Company

And in 1975, Bill Gates and Allen, in partnership, opened the company of Micro Software, which made Micro Computers, and Software.Due to the hard work and dedication of Bill Gates, the company's growth was growing continuously, like the hardware maker company like Apple, Intel, and IBM.

IBM Proposal To Microsoft

In November 1980, IBM wanted a software that could run  its own personal computer, and to develope this software, he proposed to Microsoft.

Bill Gates Obstacle In IBM

Bill Gates convinced them to make software, but the trouble was that Microsoft Company could not develope a Basic Operating System for IBM, which could run the new computer of IBM, but it was not an end.

Bill Gates Solution For IBM Obstacle

Bill Gates bought an Operating System that work as a parallel to the personal computer of IBM. They met the developers of that operating system, asked to give them the whole license, Microsoft, but did not tell them anything about the IBM deal.

Bill Gates MS-DOS

The company later sued Microsoft, that they concealed important information, i.e. IBM's Deal hidden from them. Bill dismissed the lawsuit by giving secret money, and saying that they did not do any wrong thing. After all this happened, Bill Gates got the license of that software, and named that operating system, MS-DOS. Since In Ms-DOS, all the text appeared in the form of code on screen, and while printing, it was not known which document to print.

Microsoft Discovery Of Windows

To overcome this problem, Microsoft developed Window, which used to show User as Document, Graphics, which made it easy to use. For this reason many people started buying this window In 1981, Bill Gates, along with Microsoft President, became Chair Man, and Allen became Executive Vice President.

Allen's Resignation And Bill Gates Married Life

In 1983, Paul Allen resigned from Microsoft due to cancer. From 1975 to 2006, Gates did very wonderful work on Microsoft's behalf. In 1994, Bill Gates married to Melinda, living in France In 1996, he gave birth to a daughter, whose name is Jennifer Katharine Gates. After this they had two more children, whose names are, Rory John Gates, and, Phoebe Adele Gates.

Bill And Melinda Gates Founation

In 2000, together with his wife, he laid the foundations of 'Bill and Melinda Gates, Foundation,' which was the world's largest charitable foundation. Their foundation was donated to such problems, which were ignored by the government, such as, for college minorities, minority communities of minority communities, and for the prevention of diseases like AIDS, etc.

Bill Gates Expiration Of Microsoft Work

In 2006, Bill Gates announced the expiration of his MICROSOFT work hours, all his time in FOUNDATION work, so that he could spend more time with FOUNDATION.

Bill Gates Earnings

Friends, Bill Gates earns about 12054 rupees every second, i.e. about a day, earning 102 crores. If Bill Gates divides almost every person in the whole world, then in the part of each, about 4983 rupees will come. If Bill Gates spends Rs. 6.5 crore every day, it will take 218 years to spend his entire property.

Bill Gates Tax And His Property Comparison

Friends, Bill Gates pay every year, Rs 6.4 crore as property tax, while Akshay Kumar of Bollywood fills up Rs 18 crores tax. Dhoni is the most expensive player of our India. If he does not spend his money at all, then he will take approximately twenty-three thousand years to collect money equivalent to Bill Gates.

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